Tuesday, July 20, 2010

do as we say we do

Man, ASB gotta change their ad people. First, there was that whole "we're a Kiwi bank" debacle, then they kept flogging that dead bird (I dobbed them in to the highest authority in the land - Sideswipe), and now this:

ok, so it's not so much offensive as overbearing, commanding, condescending, patronising, knowitall and smug. "Doctor" with a capital "D"? Because doctors are such important authoritative oracles, just like ASB? Also, shoes can talk, not that well-paid bankers would know about that.
Continuing the medical theme, here's an eye test:

Madly assuming some of you are sober, and are therefore seeing double, here's the translation: "Get behind St John. We are."
More commandments! I have never felt less like helping the children. Or the ambulances. Every time ASB tells me to do something I want to stamp my foot and yell "NO!"
Also, how many organisations are crass enough to use a whole ad just to tell you what they sponsor?
Kashin! You have betrayed me!


  1. You tell em Jan.. there is a lady on the telly over here that drives me nuts, she starts off saying 'hey you've got 5 minutes before the show starts again, so you could go make yourself a cuppa, or you could check the batteries in your smoke alarm'.. so you think, hey, great idea, doesnt cost anything and it might save lives, thanks for the reminder.. I was genuinely getting out of my seat when she added.. 'Go on pull your finger out BECAUSE IF YOU DONT ITS YOUR FAULT WHEN THE HOUSE BURNS DOWN'.. or words to that effect while a big arse fire kicked off behind her. Needless to say I havent been able to check the batteries since for fear of looking like Im submitting to her authority.

    P.S You must like the ASB ad series with the american bloke though surely.

  2. Goldstein? Racist Jewish stereotype!
    Actually, he's not on the telly anymore. You need to come back here to keep up.
    heh heh, great story about the too much alarm alarm. thanks

  3. Dumb american bigshot stereotype too don't forget, obviously a no-no with all the sexism and racism and capitalism.

  4. Goldstein...actually it's probably Goldstien if we go by pronunciation. Anyway, NYC Jewish banker stereotype is still very much on the telly. He's trying ti give tips to friendly ASB staff; trying to get the St. John's ambulance folk to put plasters on his "owie" finger; trying to bank with the kiddies at school, but being told he's too old.

    In other words, more moronic that ever.

  5. wow, shows what I know. Reason number 372 why I'm pleased not to live with a TV :-)