Sunday, July 25, 2010

a girl's guide to bras

Wow, it looks like Girl Guides are a go-ahead organisation these days. On the down side, it means the girls don't know how to bake a good biscuit anymore but on the plus side, they're getting out there and snowboarding all the time, right?

And - I'm not making this up - they're doing really go-ahead, enlightened stuff like getting 5 and 6 year olds at a recent Mt Eden pippins (junior Guides) meeting to decorate secondhand bras with ribbons and sticky tape. Bras! Something they can all look forward to owning with excitement, as a sign they embrace their true final destiny as fecund women. I guessed they move on to getting badges in knickers, suspender belts, corsets and pole dancing in the older grades.
Then I saw this at the Mangere Bridge Walk:

Again with the girly-girliness of the response to the horror of breast cancer.
I hope Boy Scouts are collecting jockstraps for prostate cancer.

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