Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This poor woman.Pregnant. And she doesn't trust expensive washing machines to deal with her Number Twos. And she's never heard of Trade Me.
She needs to get out from her brick basement more often.
The Haier website doesn't list prices. There's really nothing here to get mad about, but just for your interest, according to this advertorial (ie, Haier paid for the journo to fly to China):
1. Haier has a 5.1% share of the global whiteware market.
2. They've bought 20% of Fisher & Paykel (getting access to their distributors in the process, while F&P will be distributed in China in return, assuming people want their products).
3. Their global branding motto is "get in, stay in and take over". Or may be that last bit is "be a leader". The article isn't really sure.
4. They also sell "a mirror that recognises its user's face and sets the tap water temperature accordingly".
Face recognition technology - and they use it to divine water temperature??
Still, it sounds useful if you have a baby. No more elbow-testing!

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