Sunday, July 25, 2010

of course, darling

We walked over the new part of the Mangere Bridge today, before it's opened to cars, which was pretty awesome. Lots of families with dogs and great views of the Manukau. And construction workers happy to answer questions about scaffolding.
I didn't but I wish I'd asked them about this too:Ay? Is the guy who looks like he's wearing an earring (but it's actually a poster bolt) asking whether he can do a shabby job as he's doing all the work? Is the hunched up guy on the left suggesting ways to get warm? Does the giant model in the ad behind them have a thing for minature men? Is this going to lead to a human-ad threesome?
It makes me wonder what kind of "alliance" the "Manukau Harbour Crossing Alliance" is. Is this a code between managers and construction workers? Are they just about to break out into YMCA?
Whatever, just don't tell the happy kids and pukekos on the mysterious metal boxes to the right. They deserve their innocence for a little while longer, man.


  1. Janet, that's too much laughing you made me do on a Monday morning! Brilliant. Iris x

  2. I'm completely flummoxed by the 2010 Bridge Oddity. What on Earth are they on about?

  3. thanks Iris! and a Final Frontier of confusion indeed Dr Edit... let me know if you find out...