Saturday, August 21, 2010

boxed in

To put on my beret and stroke my goatee for a moment, there's a great quote from French novelist Andre Gide that goes something like: "To be loved is nothing. What I desire is to be preferred."
Ie, he wants to be loved most.

1. Musicals
2. The sense of Schopenhauerian relief I get just after meeting a deadline
3. The word 'squelch'
Can I get those wrapped in the blue sparkly paper?

Anyway, no thank you, State, I outrageously prefer not to squander my love on stuff, but keep it for people.


  1. Hi Janet. I love this blog. Iris x

  2. Janet, I am just catching up now on your post-lings, and way to go for working in Gide and Schopie in the same post. Rock it, lady who is preferred!!!

  3. heh heh yay intellectual wankery! thanks my preferred Donna-oh!