Sunday, August 29, 2010


Stacy Jones! Why you got to follow in Jay Laga'aia's footsteps by using your loveable, trustworthy, brown visage to front for the money men?

According to this Campbell Live video IF's profits have trebled and the loan shark's lending has gone up by almost 20% since the warrior-hero started being their pin-up boy.
One of TV3's planted examples is a woman who wants a $700 loan for school uniforms; Instant Finance quotes her an interest rate of 29.9% pa - and a fee of $415.
They also soundbite an industry guy saying that companies like IF expect their clients to default - in fact, they're set up for it; they get more money.
Stacy's fluorescent fat lip is my artistic rendition of what happens to the company's clients, in a metaphorical way.
Jones - Leave Jay... follow the shining example of Mike King!


  1. O Stace, that broish winsome face
    Is selling deadly falls from grace.
    Tell your financed faithful the cold hard facts:
    Your Gospel train runs on the Devil's tracks.

  2. Dr Edit!
    You're better than reddit!