Wednesday, August 11, 2010

introducing... boiled veg?

Shout-outs to my girl Donna, who grew up in Roskill South and went to May Road Primary School. You can now move back from overseas and never have to leave home again!

The hood must be weeping with relief that it's getting a supermarket to spread the good news about new flavas and teach everyone how to make tasty food, finally.
The goat flaps and taro, plantains and barfi from the Dominion Rd shops around the corner have always been sooooo banal.
And let's face it, the infinite flavours at Spice Invaders down Stoddard Road are pretty much all from the old-world.


  1. And why did they use a kid on the ad? Is there a large un-tapped market of 12 year old pakeha girls in Roskill South?

  2. maybe they're the only ones whose palates need expanding