Tuesday, August 17, 2010

don't say they didn't warn you

University Omnibus Part II: So apparently, really big institutions always have to deal with a certain level of financial fraud.
It doesn't excuse this, however:

The red bit says: Your call can make a difference... As staff of The University of Auckland we are committed to protecting the reputation of our University. If you suspect a staff member is defrauding the University, or is engaging in unethical behaviour, please make a good call. Contact KPMG Fair Call [....] Our independent experts will provide you with support."

Hi there KPMG independent experts? I made a successful pass at my lecturer but she didn't pass me!
Hello KPMG, the philosophy dept here. Whose ethics manifesto are you following - Hobbes? Peter Singer?
Hello KPMG, Peter Singer here. Someone ate a meat pie.
Hi KPags. My tutor photocopied his butt using the department printing account.
Hello KPMG, somebody stole Barbara Kruger's colour scheme to make your posters which stand for everything she's against.

In what seems an effort to stir up the widest possible anti-collegial feeling, there has been a blanket campaign including letters sent out to staff (presumably all staff as lowly non-finance-entrusted tutors were included) along with these Pyramids of Prohibition, these Triangles of Trouble, these Points of Contention:
One side says "turn off your computer", the second says "don't smoke", and the third says "if you don't comply you'll get dobbed in".

Hello KPMG? when did the "critic and conscience of society" join you guys on the other side?

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