Wednesday, October 13, 2010

common as bliss

Art on the street? Whoever heard of such a thing?

While the afterlife isn't a theme which inspires me personally (everyone knows it's candyfloss clouds), the idea of an artist exhibiting street posters is so revolutionary - even though it should be common-as-muck - that I am overwhelmed with gratitude.
ka\jf ljrg/lz.zmvl/x.dmv
that was me swooning all over the keyboard.


  1. Limbo, Hell, Purgatory or Heaven? They've all just been redecorated with Resene paints, evidently. "Common bliss" rather conflicts with the call for unique and individual postmortem fantasies, but yes, it's very sweet.

  2. hmm, same colour scheme as the promisekeepers poster - do you think the b and rhema have been sharing notes?

  3. goodness! The b, rhema and resene axis of confusion reigns supreme! Do you think rhema knows their colours are 'wild thing' and 'outrageous'?