Wednesday, October 20, 2010

morning glory

I once got kicked out of a flat for being too happy in the mornings. How insufferable I was in my salad days!
Now, of course, part of the problem of forgetting (gasp!) to put up this post last night is that it's morning-cotton-wool-head gal writing to you, not night-owl gal.
Coincidentally, this ad is all about mornings:

As with employment law, the devil writes the fine print:

Insufferable milk!? That clash and the doors slamming was Anchor getting kicked out of our flat.


  1. OMG J - I'm so glad you are alive. I was really worried :)

  2. sorry to worry you so greatly, baby D! I hope you've recovered from the shock xx

  3. Love it! The people who kicked you out must have been a right miserable bunch... I x

  4. But they enjoyed their misery so much Iris! I got my revenge by taking the best flatmate with me when I left :-)