Sunday, October 10, 2010

officer zombie

So here's a bit of a self-challenge for moi... why did I find that military ad more offensive than I find this?:

Ok, so police don't kill people (unless said people are speeding and nobody does that do they) but the premise is the same: We've got this really important job where we need responsible, mature cool heads. Hey, kids, come do it - not because it's important but because it's exciting!
So yeah, that's problematic.
On a side note... hey new cop! Your first job is to find out who made this awful mess...

I don't think your brick zombie mate saw who did it...


  1. Love that brickish babe! Has she escaped from the top secret location where Hellboy and his compaƱeros hang out?

    If she can chameleonize like that why in the world would she want to join the Thin Blue Line? It just don't make no sense.

    Do you think she could ever love a guy like me? I live in a brick & tile. I once threw a brick through an ex-girlfriend's bedroom window. Do you think you could get her number for me?

  2. As part of the Thin Blue Line, she would be only too eager to make your acquaintance I'm sure!