Sunday, September 5, 2010

Makes me... udder

Mad About Ads had a field excursion to Waihi for the weekend!
So, this is my favourite sign in the Hauraki Plains, outside the vets at Ngatea.
While the thermometer "in" the beast's mouth is at a rather problematic angle for the purposes of temperature taking or gravity assuring, this picture is really what the fug girls would call a "scroll down":

Yikes! I know they're more earthy and used to the facts of life in the country... this full frontal disturbs me more than ye olde MADGE campaign (NSFW). It's like fetish crutches for cows. Maybe it calms the bulls on their way to the meat works.


  1. Copped a butcher's at this moozy last time I was dahn that way. Nearly drove me jam jar off the frog and toad and into the Ngatea nuclear sub! Almost did a pony in my council houses!Put me raht off me boiled beef n carrots for weeks it did. There oughta be a bloody law against fings like that. It should be removed before some poor geezer ends up brown bread!

  2. Oh dear, 7.20 am was too early to look at that picture....
    I x

  3. heh heh - thanks Paul, no translation needed, hope your council houses are safe from... evacuation.
    And Iris, serves you right for getting to work so early :-)

  4. it is scary. i'm not sure a cow would survive sitting like that either. then the colours are also rather icky.

    thanks for letting me know about this blog. x

  5. indeed - it is a gross contortion of the cow, and I had not noticed the colours before, being so distracted by the form.
    thanks for reading and commenting! and for your hospitality the other evening! :-)