Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reservoir Banks

So. Banks. No, not that one, these ones:

And because recyling is a good thing to do, you'll remember this one from waay back in the early days of this blog:

And then there's BNZ and Westpac.
Now. Scroll back up again and carefully examine all items. Can you spot the difference?
No, neither can I. Obviously one can create a bank ad in three easy steps: 1. Words, 2. blank background, 3. logo/picture bottom right hand corner. Voila!
I can think of three explanations:
1. They are actually all operated by the same shady outfit, and are known to each other by their colours - Mr Seabreeze Cyan, Mr Eco Green, Mr Burnt Custard Yellow. Just like in Reservoir Dogs.
2. Some wise guy who has a beer fridge at work and goes to Showgirls at lunchtime (ie, works in the ad industry) has sold them all the same do-it-yourself Adshop2000 software kit for $$$$.
3. A different ad agency has laboured over every inch of each handcrafted ad to show the individuality and true personality of each bank: "The text will be left-justified to impress upon the reader that this has been typed by a real person, someone just like them..." "The font will be slimline, sans-serif ("calibri") in white, to impart to the viewer that we are not a bank to bowl them over with heavy-handedness..."

I despair of the dearth of creativity in a society in which (3) is most likely.

So. These things above belong together, these things are kind of the same. But one of these things just doesn't belong here:

Actually, it looks too similar, don't you think? You could easily pass this and not read it because it looks like it's for, not against, the ANZ.
Also, I'm sure finsec actually means that even in an imperfect world, banks would pay their staff properly.
Still, pleasing to see a poster campaign from a union against a particular issue! I don't remember seeing that before.
Still, a pity that it's necessary.
Still! and extremely happily, finsec announced today (15 Sept - the dates on my blog are some overseas time) that their campaign "for a different and better offer from ANZ National" has worked! Congratulations!
PS, don't forget that all the banks here save Kiwibank have been investigated for tax non-payment.
PS2, OMG do not type in 'Banks' into google images unless you want pix of Miss Tyra!


  1. Check the word and pic count on that one!

    Banks, both inhuman and human, are particularly vomit-inducing at the moment.

    Where's George 'Baby Face' Nelson when we need him? He wouldn't have distinguished between banks and Banks, bless his choochy cheeks.

  2. yep, a bit of a ramble I'm afraid... along the banks!
    or is that a bridge too far??