Wednesday, September 8, 2010

neighbour from hell

Oh look, there's good ol' Stacy Jones again.

But wait who's that behind him?

Why, it's a family in financial distress, asking people to donate to the Auckland City Mission.
If you get really close you can hear the mum say, "sorry darling, all our other furniture has been repossessed to pay the loan sharks.
"If you keep eating, we will have to join Auckland's homeless and will get disappeared by the council so as not to upset Rugby World Cup fans."
In an NZ exclusive I can reveal this is not the first blog post about this ad! No - it's featured on this Russian website. And thanks to my Latvian flatmate, I can reveal that the Russians were interested in the fact the ad started out featuring furniture which "crumbled" away, by design.
Which was disappointingly mundane after I went to the trouble to secure a Latvian flatmate and all. Surely it could have involved a conspiracy about Russian spies ending up at the City Mish in the hope the food there would poison them or something. (Disclaimer: I have never eaten at the Mission but I'm sure the counterspy ring would have had their hopes dashed!)
In another aside, Stacy here is pretty much opposite the Baycorp building...


  1. O the intrablogualism! O the (lack of winter) layers! O the inhumanity! Where else do you get this kind of sophisticated, socially scourging bloggage on the wide, unworldly web? Nowhere, that's where. Bully for you, JEM!

  2. Indeed, isn't the world lucky to have me, Dr Edit?
    If only to see *your* scintillating comments!
    Bully (beef) for everyone!

  3. 'Teaming up' is a very apropriate phrase don't you think?