Wednesday, September 29, 2010

rhema in drag

For once, I have no few words. Someone else has already done the commentary:

Did you see what it says there?

Man, that's a pro job! See how well that "a" is lined up, and the font is near-perfect. Whoever you are, you are my Hero! You deserve a Parade!
The only possible problem is that it now sounds attractive - a men's event full of "gays", whoop whoop.
In other news, Radio Rhema might lose its commercial frequencies.
PS was I the only child who thought of 'Ribena' when I heard 'Radio Rhema'? I never liked blackcurrants.


  1. That's brilliant! My initial reaction was one of resigned disappointment at another evangelical claim that "the gays" can be cured.

    But no - Huzzah to rebel letter manipulators!

    ...of course, it could have been done by a rebel evangelical homo-curer...surely not.

  2. You're right - I did a double take and wondered the gay-cure thing for .4 of a second. And you know what, it WOULD turn ordinary gays into... extraordinarily depressed and angry men. So not a completely invalid claim.

  3. Ingenious. Those Yes Men pranksters should infiltrate Promise Keepers and really do a number on them.